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Self-service kiosks, electronic cashiers, food retail self-checkout
What is Smartix
Smart sale of your goods and services, with minimum number of employees. We supply Smartix software for self-service checkouts or complete "Software + Hardware" solution.

Smartix software purchase options:
  • Purchase a license
  • Purchase software with source codes
  • Launching software in the cloud via monthly/annual subscription
  • Any software modifications on demand and implementation

Solving key retail tasks

Modern automation capabilities for your business
01 / 05
Reduced personnel costs

Minimum number of cashiers, only consultants which help to a new clients if necessary

02 / 05
Sales automation

New technologies and digital capabilities

03 / 05
Increasing rate of service

One-touch scan and pay, fast and easy

04 / 05
Elimination of the human factor

Minimum number of errors, fraud prevention is not worse than by staff

05 / 05
Increased customer's flow

Reduced queues, better shopping experience

System features

All the necessary functionality for modern retail
Full support of fiscalization requirements
Printing of paper receipts, sending of electronic receipts
Product labeling support
In accordance with the national system and legislation
Loyalty systems support
Bonuses and promotions, attracting and retaining customers
Scales support
Complete retail unit solution
Integration with 1C
Compatibility with other accounting systems
Advertising management
Banners and videos in the interface
Interface styling, custom development

How it works

Smartix self-service checkouts is used by the customer for bringing and scanning items with a barcode or QR code. After checking or adjusting the shopping cart, customer can make payment.

Smartix self-service checkout also allows to pay generated invoices based on barcodes and QR codes.

Initial registration, including filling out a questionnaire, scanning passport, photographing a client, printing contract and informed voluntary consent is carried out by client independently through a self-service kiosk. The device also accepts non-cash payments for services. All data during the registration process, photographs of scanned documents and payment data are transferred to the CRM system.

A self-service kiosk solves a key problem for retail and e-commerce — it remove cash register based on employees, provides fast, convenient, independent placement and payment of an order by a client, with support of scanning good's barcodes, flexible search system in the catalog, providing additional functionality — promotions, recommendations.

Application area

Our Smartix self-checkout solutions are suitable for any business areas
Retail chains
Grocery stores
Food retail
Fast food, coffee shops, cake shops
Small format retail
Electronics stores
Digital and home appliances
FMCG stores
Finishing materials, equipment, goods for home and garden
Clothing and footwear stores
Car products
Car services, auto parts stores
Goods and services for any business area
Mobile application
Development and implementation of a mobile application allows to launch functionality similar to a self-service kiosk at lower cost. We are ready to provide the launch of Scan&Pay solutions at smartphones, or the deployment of a showcase of goods and services directly in the application with attached bank card.
Parcel lockers
One of our complete solutions is Smartix parcel locker system, which includes specialized software and various parcel locker models. We are ready to offer retailers the launch of services for the collection of online orders by employees and their dispense to customers through the parcel lockers.

Customized solutions

Our self-service kiosks can be easily customized for the customer.
We create unique multifunctional solutions for implementation
a variety of scenarios for self-checkouts
01 / 03
Initial registration of clients

Automation of client administration processes. Complete remove of the classic reception with staff.

02 / 03
Scanning and recognition of passports

Integration of passport scanner, implementation of the recognition process and printing of documents, collection of biometrics and digital identification.

03 / 03
Printing contracts

Connection of external printers for printing registration documents, invoices, etc.

They trust us

Our self-service checkouts are being deployed to industry-leading businesses participants


We offer a range of smart and reliable devices for various tasks. Kiosks can be individually equipped with the required peripheral equipment.
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