White Rainbow

Implementation of self-service kiosks
in a dental clinic

White Rainbow

The largest private dental clinic in Moscow, provides high-tech medical services


Installation of self-service kiosks made it possible to completely remove the classic reception desk with staff. Now the initial registration, which includes filling out the questionnaire, scanning passports, photographing the client, printing contracts and informed voluntary consent, is carried out by patients independently through a self-service kiosk.

The device accepts non-cash payments for dental services. All data during the registration process, photographs of scanned documents and payment data are transferred to the clinic's CRM system.



According to the terms of the project, an appointment is made by phone or through a specialized White Rainbow mobile application and further registration, including scanning and printing documents, photographing and paying is carried out at self-service kiosk.
In addition to the functionality deployed in the White Rainbow clinic, our devices can also be used to automate the following processes:

  • Taking pictures of the client not only from the front, but also from different projections to increase the level of identification
  • Printing of any documents — contracts, analyzes, reference information
  • Payment acceptance of any services, including cash, if the appropriate kiosk model is selected
  • Integration with the customer's accounting system via REST-API
  • Ability to deploy any other functionality based on large-format screens — infomat, advertising panel, showcase for the sale of additional products (for example, dental care products)
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