Solution was developed using only free technologies, which means that it does not require the purchase of third-party licenses, Linux OS can be used as a basis.

Launch of Smartix self-checkout software does not involve any additional payments, except for purchasing a license for a network of devices and paying for commissioning fee.

  • DBMS – PostgreSQL version 14 and above
  • Message broker – ActiveMQ
  • Back office – Spring/SpringBoot
  • Rest service for self-checkouts — Spring/SpringBoot
  • Background system process (daemon) – Java
  • Front-end server – Nginx

Supported OS

Smartix self-checkout software works both under Windows OS and Linux OS. Linux OS is completely free and does not require purchase of antivirus or firewall, which is extremely promising for large networks.

Linux distributions are Fedora and Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a priority if it is necessary to use software included in the Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and Databases.

Smartix software supports Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi microcomputers.

Significantly reduces final cost of self-service devices, while retaining all the functionality.

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