Smartix self-checkouts support Kaspi QR

Our company has integrated our own self-checkout software with Kaspi QR. Now self-service checkouts, kiosks, terminals and Smartix electronic cashiers fully support accepting payments via Kaspi QR.

Kaspi QR для кассы самообслуживания, терминалов самообслуживания, киосков и электронных кассиров

Kaspi QR is a modern service for making payments using QR codes from, the largest Kazakhstan technology company, which includes Kaspi Bank JSC and Kaspi Pay LLP. To date, processes about 70% of payments and transfers and Kaspi QR is one of the most popular payment methods in Kazakhstan.

When purchasing services or goods, Kaspi QR option is available on the payment screen of self-service device. When you select it, interface displays the amount and generates QR code. The user uses smartphone with the application, scans the code and confirms the payment.

Поддержка Kaspi QR для кассы самообслуживания терминалов и киосков

Smartix team is always ready to adapt own solutions and implement new capabilities for the benefit of clients. Number of Smartix software customers in Kazakhstan and CIS countries is increasing, and at the same time the functionality is expanding to best suit regional specifics.

Support for Kaspi QR at self-service checkouts, terminals and kiosks in some cases allows to use the system without POS terminal, and if you have it, QR based method offers an alternative, modern payment tool with even more favorable conditions for business and minimum commission for the payment process.