EMC medical clinics use Smartix for service automation

At the beginning of 2023 European Medical Center — network of private clinics, decided to implement self-service kiosks to automate reception desks. EMC is the leading network in Russia and the largest in the premium segment, covering 9 medical centers in Moscow and the Moscow region. At clinics there are over 600 doctors providing medical services of the highest quality and of any complexity in 57 specializations.

EMC chose solution from Smartix. The development company is a progressive team implementing large-scale automation projects in the medical field.

Kiosk capabilities

The main objectives of implementing self-service kiosks at the start of the project were:

  • Reducing the workload of reception staff
  • Routing patients at the clinic
  • Simplifying the work of doctors with clients and in offices

The best tool for achieving the set goals seemed to be an improved personal patient account, where person without an administrator would be able to choose services, pay for them and receive ticket for appointment.

The patient’s personal account allows to view, add and edit records and referrals, leave a request to see the doctor on duty and select other services available at EMC clinics.

When adding new appointment to the schedule, the interface offer to select clinic and specialist, additionally it supports searching for doctors by name and specialization. When choosing a doctor, the available appointment time is shown.

After generating and reviewing the list of medical services, the patient makes payment and prints ticket. If client has a debt, system reminds him of the need to repay it.

Advanced functionality for EMC

At the request of the customer, expanded capabilities of kiosks are provided for maximum customer convenience.

Personal account can include several people, for example, family members. In this case patient can interact not only with his account, but also with other group members — adding appointments for them, paying for their appointments, etc.

During the payment process, on the total cost calculation screen user can transfer payment of the receipt to legal entity.

Types of payments at kiosk

The devices support several options for accepting payments for medical services:

  • Cashless payments — bank cards and FPS (Fast Payment System).
  • Cash payments — when choosing cash payment, kiosk directs customer to a receptionist to pay via the cash register. At the same time to queue the flow of visitors the Smartix electronic queue integrated with kiosks is used.
  • Payment by link — hyperlink from one of the popular Internet acquiring services is sent to the payer’s e-mail or phone number.

Integration with electronic queue system

At kiosks in EMC medical centers in addition to the patient’s personal account, seamless integration with the Smartix electronic queue system has been implemented. The integrated solution “Kiosks + E-queue” allows not only to select and pay for services, but also queue the flow of patients, creating sequences to the doctor on duty, specialists, to the cash desk for cash payments, etc.

A single multi-ticket is supported for alternate visits to several doctors, taking tests, etc. The system estimates the time of visiting several offices, taking into account movement around the clinic and the provision of selected medical services.

Integrated system based on self-service kiosks effectively solves the problems of self-registration, prepayment for medical services and their receipt.


Smartix kiosks for automating work with patients effectively complement the usual reception with staff. Visitors are offered modern electronic registration functionality — single window for self-registration, quick resolution of all administrative procedures before visiting medical specialist.

A well-thought-out personal account covers large number of functions and simplifies the implementation of significant amount of work on processing requests for employees.