Self-checkouts with support for barcodes with expiration dates

Self-checkouts with support for barcodes with expiration dates

Smartix self-checkouts for stores and minimarkets now support barcodes with expiration dates. Often clients who independently produce their own products (for example, dairy products, baked goods) use barcodes with a more complex structure, including specified shelf life of the product. Smartix software analyzes this type of barcode and if customer brings the product to the self-checkout scanner and date in the barcode is expired, interface display a warning and the system refuses to add it to the product cart.

Self-checkouts with support for barcodes with expiration dates

Ensuring the sale of quality products

In addition to monitoring expiration dates, we can adapt to any barcode format. For example, from September 1, 2024, online verification of dairy products in the Chestniy znak system becomes mandatory. You will need to set up work with the Chestniy znak on the cash register, when purchasing products, data will be sent to the server, the expiration date will be checked and response will be returned about permission or prohibition for sale — basically, the risks of selling expired products will be eliminated.

Barcode with an expiration date can act as an alternative to the Chestniy znak for products that are not required for online verification, for example, for snacks, baked goods, salads of own production, etc. If for bona fide manufacturers, shops and minimarkets the task is primarily to ensure sales quality products, our Smartix self-checkouts can be used to organize such process by implementing additional data into barcodes about production time and expiration date. In this case, complete control over the compliance of sales of fresh goods will be ensured based on a simple and easy solution.

In addition, the date and time written into the barcodes can be used to trigger promotions with valid annual validity period. For example, one day before the expiration date of an item, the cash register will automatically detect this condition and sell the item at a 30% discount.

Why Smartix

We offer flexible solution for tracking the sale of products within the expiration date through self-service checkouts based on barcodes. Our advantage is the ability to offer shops and minimarkets non-standard barcode formats. By agreement with the customer, it is possible to implement any scenarios based on the data generated in barcodes.