Tire service center network automation


Vianor is one of the largest tire service center networks in Russia, established by Nokian Tires. The Vianor network in the Russian Federation includes over 340 tire centers.


The entire assortment (electronic catalog) is presented in a modern interactive format through the Vianor online store, opened on self-service kiosks (large areas for large tires are no longer required). All data on models, type, description are available at the kiosk and the product itself is in the nearest warehouse. Client collects the order through the interface and pays for it with a bank card or cash (if there is a kiosk with cash support at the point of sale).

Kiosks are connected to a laser printer for printing delivery invoices. The participation of employees in the creation of documents for the release of goods is excluded. Therefire kiosk completely solves the problem of selection, payment for goods, as well as printing all the necessary documents for their receipt at the warehouse.
Due to the compactness of the kiosk and wide functionality — demonstration of the entire product showcase, accepting cash and non-cash payments, dispensing change and printing invoices, it is also possible to reduce the size of space and the number of employees to several consultants. For the owners of retail chains, there are available opportunities to expand the number of outlets and strengthen their presence in the region at minimal cost.


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