MTS digital kiosks
for creation of omnichannel system

About project

MTS retail chain, the largest non-food retailer in Russia, installing interactive kiosks based on Smartix self-service devices at its own stores. The solutions are used to create an omnichannel system that enables employees to engage customers more effectively in the sales process.

Modern Smartix interactive panels allow deployment of the entire virtual catalog of the MTS online store. Customers can place orders, choose additional options. At the moment, payment is made at the checkout of the store, in the future, equipping kiosks with POS-terminals for non-cash payment is being considered.


Devices can redirect sales from the traditional format to e-commerce and expand the available assortment thanks to the digital showcase. The work of sales assistants is facilitated, the throughput of stores and the level of service are increased. Interactive storefronts based on Smartix kiosks effectively solve customer problems, allowing the creation of a modern omnichannel system that optimizes sales and improves the quality of customer service.
Hardware partner of the project is TouchPlat, a long-term partner of Smartix, which provides a wide range of self-service kiosks. Thanks to partner support, MTS uses a comprehensive software and hardware solution.
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